Austin Blu - Cincinnati Web Design


What we need from you.

When emailing a website update request, we only need a few simple things from you:

  • Subject line that includes your company name.

  • Your Page Name or URL, i.e. Contact Page,

  • Instructions of what you need done.

  • The actual textual update and/or images, etc. Textual content must be in a copy & paste format.

  • Your name and contact information in case we have questions.

Pretty simple right? If you need additional functionality or something out of the norm, please feel free to contact us.


Request Do’s and Don’ts

Before we go into the details… here is a quick view of the update request Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Do send updates via email.

  • Do send textual content in a “copy & paste” format.

  • Do proofread your content.

  • Do attach images to your email or use a storage service.

  • Do not send updates via text message.

  • Do not add images to the body of an email or Word document.


Send updates via email.
Your textual content must be in a Word document or in the body of an email. All requests MUST BE SENT via EMAIL. An email creates a digital trail that helps keep us accountable and we also use it for billing purposes. We do not accepts requests via text. 

Provide instructions of what you need done.
You will need to provide the page name/URL with clear instructions.

Textual content must be in a “copy & paste” format.
All textual content must be in an editable, copy and paste format. Do not add images with text in them.

Proofread your content.
Be sure to proofread your content. Whatever you send us is what we will copy and paste to your website. We can provide proofreading and editing services at an additional cost.

Send quality photos and graphics.
Photos and graphics must be in a digital format. We accept JPEG and PNG file formats for photos. We prefer graphic image files (this includes your logo) be in a vector format AI or EPS, PNG with transparent background.

Please do not add photos/graphics to the body of an email or Word document or via text as this affects image quality. Send images via email as an attachment or use a cloud-based tool like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Keep in mind that we may need to use a compression application to reduce the size of your image files. An image file should not be used in place of actual text on your website. This affects SEO and degrades the user experience on mobile devices if it forces visitors to “pinch to zoom” in order to read the text on the image.

Use PDF Files Not Software Files.
There may be times when your organization may want to link to a software file such as a company brochure or an annual report.  Any software file should be in a PDF format. A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a universal format that anyone can open and view. It will look the same on a screen and in print, regardless of the display device or printer used, and regardless of what software package originally used to create it. Most software programs have the ability to export to a PDF format 

Post Video Files to YouTube.
We recommend you post videos to YouTube, by doing so you gain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, and reduced development costs. We will need the video URLs to embed the videos on your website. If you like, we can create a YouTube Channel for you and post your videos at an additional cost.


An update is any modification, edit or creation of the content on your website. This refers to the text on your current website pages, new pages or the addition/modification of images or graphics. Some requests may actually be classified as a new project such as the request for a complex form, custom coding, or the installation, setup, and testing of a new plugin. These generally take more time to complete and may require a higher rate than general content updates. We will notify you if we consider your request a new project.

We bill in 15-minute increments. Most of the content updates we deal with take 30 minutes or less to complete. You can reduce the cost of updates by sending more updates in the same email and by making sure they are in the correct format with clear instructions.

While most updates can be done in the same day as we receive them, please allow for 16 business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, excludes holidays) from the time we receive your request.

Yes and no. You are always welcome to call us with any questions you might have however, for any content updates please use email. An email creates a digital trail that helps keep us accountable and we also use it for billing purposes. Please do not text us your updates.

Yes and no. For WordPress clients wanting to add a new item like a page or post we can schedule those as far in advance as requested. We do not schedule updates for content in a current page or post and we cannot schedule a removal of content.